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Income Tax: Budget 2012 for housewives: What can one hope for?
2/06/2012 09:36 PM
As a home maker, I cook, shop, look after the children and spend time with friends. But I also am the self appointed finance minister of the household.
When prices of basic foodgrains and vegetables soared last year, there were times when I was at a loss as to how I was expected to place a nutritious meal on the table without burning a deep hole in my pocket.
The finance minister should give home makers some respite while presenting the Union Buget since we hold the purse strings with which we run the house. Besides the government, rising inflation does worry us too Mr Finance Minister!
If the subsidies are reduced / removed on cooking gas & diesel it would lead to increased cost of food consumption. On the other hand, prices going up on consumption items especially LPG even before the budget may be a dampener for me and my household.
This will straight away decrease the disposable income and might have an effect of lifestyle of middle income group families.
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Budget 2012
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