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Chat Transcript

Ajay Jain

CEO , ajayastromoneyguru

What do stars foretell?


Questions Answered

Ajay Jain: Welcome to chat with Col Ajay Astromoneyguru

Luckar: dear sir i am holding rec ltd PFC and coal india from long time, do you think it will bear fruit in 3-4 year or exit

Ajay Jain: These are good stocks for long term investment

shashank8868: can we expect normal business after Diwali or there is some more pain even after that time ?

Ajay Jain: As per present situation and stars pain is yet to come . You may check production , revenue collection, unemployment data, growth of GDP, 7 planets under retrograde, geo political tension . What more you want to see

shashank8868: by when do you think corona effect will get over from the markets ??

Ajay Jain: As per Astro financial analysis CoVID 19 medicine and vaccination may be available in 1-2 months as per our our advance predictions made in March 2020. As regard effect on market is yet to come

jlikhi: sir, the best stocks, sector to buy for short period.the target of nifty in july 2020. thanks

Ajay Jain: Psu , steel, fertilizer are looking good

anand_47: Is it good time to enter Aarti Ind, Deepak Nitrite and Rallis India?

Ajay Jain: Fertilizer stocks good for short term

anand_47: Sir, bought GAIL at 102. Should hold or exit?

Ajay Jain: You may hold of

mailtokhemka@gm: Good Morning Col. Saheb! Your blessed shares of this week?

Ajay Jain: Chambal fert NFL, TCS

anand_47: Sir, Glenmark has corrected almost its entire rally post announcement of COVID related drug. I bought it at 490. Should i hold, exit or average?

Ajay Jain: Glenmark was jump due to CoVID 19 medicine , now few more companies may also come up soon

anand_47: Hello sir, what is the outlook for Nifty for July month?

Ajay Jain: Right now postive

anand_47: Would it be right to short July Bank Nifty at current levels for 10% downside?

Ajay Jain: Need to wait for short

anand_47: Sir, can i buy Maruti at current levels?

Ajay Jain: Maruti cmp 6055 it is good stock but buying for investment for long term NO but short term trend is positive , for 1- 2 days yes you can buy

Luckar: dear sir i know this is not good investment market, i want to buy few stock for next 4 year for my daughter marriage, can you please suggest with astrological strength few stock to keep for 4 year

Ajay Jain: No stock gained astrological strength for 3-4 years investment. Right now time for trade short term and Enjoy swing of both side

mailtokhemka@gm: Shares likely to be under long-buildup and short covering in this week?

Ajay Jain: Already cover in my previous replied . Kindly read my replied . You may join my regular live update at Facebook and YouTube live 9 pm onward every day


Ajay Jain: Vedanta is good stock and under valued stock . Buy back is also talked about .
Ajay Jain: Thanks very much for attending chat . As per Astro financial Analysis this week Defence stock , steel, cement ,sugar , software , fertilizer stocks looking good this week Happy trading Good luck Col Ajay Astromoneyguru
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