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Chat Transcript

Mrin Agarwal

Founder , Finsafe

How to make smart money decisions


Questions Answered


guest: In view of recent falls in MFs, which category - Large Cap or Multi Cap will be better for investment for 15-18 months time?

Mrin Agarwal: None of the equity funds are good for 15-18months. Please have 7 year time frame for investment

guest: Dear Madam, For last 6 years I have been doing SIP of 1 lakh per month in 4 equity MFs. All in Direct Growth Options. ABSL Equity fund, Mirae asset large cap, Motilal oswal Multicap 35, SBI Magnum multicap Fund. Each 25K per month. Will continue for another 4 years.

Mrin Agarwal: Pls continue - the funds chosen are good. There may be some underperformance but all funds have cycles. DO not exit

guest: Is it advisable to trade in commodities

Mrin Agarwal: No - the risk is too high

guest: Is it right time to invest in market?

Mrin Agarwal: There is no good or bad time to invest. You must invest as per your goals. What this means is that you should align your investment with the time horizon of your goal

guest: Which SIP you refer for investment

Mrin Agarwal: Please go with a combination of multi cap and midcap. You can consider Parag Parikh long term equity fund Motilal Oswal 35 fund Mirae emerging bluechip DSP Midcap

guest: Is it a better choice to pick up more stocks which have been providing high dividends last 2-3 years

Mrin Agarwal: No, Pls stick to mutlicap funds
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