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Amit Trivedi

Author & Founder , Karmayog Knowledge

Equity investments simplified


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guest: I would like to know whether I can purchase ETF units from the mutual fund company website portal, or not. Is it possible to redeem ETF from mutual fund company webisite?

Amit Trivedi: No, you will have to do so through stock exchange with the help of a stock broker. ETF units can be purchased directly from the mutual fund company only during the NFO period, and not after that.

T0bfcy9IMM: Dear Sir, I am investigating in Mutual Fund through Lump Sum Amount. Whether it is right or may invest through SIP. Please suggest some name best schemes of Mutual Fund

Amit Trivedi: Whether you invest lump sum or through SIP should depend on your saving pattern. If you have a regular saving, say like most salaried individuals, who have a monthly income and hence monthly saving, SIP would be an ideal approach. However, if you do not have a regular income, you may invest lump sum as and when you have surplus to invest.

guest: i had started 4 SIPs in month of dec 17 but due to some financial needs i will dissolve some of those in jan 19 . one SI in SBI blue chip fund, one in ICICI pru mid cap fund, one in Reliance small cap fund and one in ICICI focused blue chip fund. Should i invest in these fund till jan 19?

Amit Trivedi: I assume that you mean to say that you have stopped further investments in these funds and kept the amount accumulated so far invested in the same funds. In such a case, your question may be read as, "should you stay invested in equity funds if you need the money in January 2019?" The answer would be a clear "no". You must consider getting out of equity since it is not wise to take the risk of equity when you are going to need the money in less than a year. This may mean that you may lose the chance of appreciation, if the equity markets do well, but if you do not know for sure whether the market is going to go up or not, it is like taking chance. I would advice taking such chances with your hard-earned money

guest: Hello, I am 36-year-old working professional and having an investment of 10 lakh in mutual debt fund (2.3 lakh), equity fund (4.7 lakh ( 4 funds 23,000 SIP), stocks (1 lakh), PPF (1 lakh) and liquid fund (1 lakh). In addition, I have a 401K account worth of 10 lakh. I will continue my mutual fund SIP and invest in stocks whenever an opportunity comes (once in a year). Is my investment on right track? My goal is to achieve at least 2 Cr of today\`s INR value. Give your suggestion to improve my portfolio. My mutual funds are HDFC midcap opportunities, SBI blue chip, DSP BlackRock microcap & Mirae emerging bluechip and stocks are Voltas, V-Guard, Sun Pharma & L&T.

Amit Trivedi: Are you an NRI? Or are you a resident Indian, who once was working in the US? I am asking this since you mentioned 401K account. In case if you are an NRI, it would be prudent to take advice of someone who knows the various laws of both countries, especially FEMA. Secondly, you have not mentioned by when you wish to reach the goal value

guest: Iam new to MFs , Can you suggest me best sip for my retirement

Amit Trivedi: SIP is not a product, but a way to invest your money. It is the short form of Systematic Investment Plan - which means you invest in a systematic manner. The most common among the systematic manners is to invest a fixed amount each month in a mutual fund scheme (or a few schemes). Having said that, if you are investing for your retirement (and you have not mentioned how far away it is), your goal should be to work out the amount of money you would need at the time of retirement and invest in schemes that help you reach thee, without too much risk. If you cannot do this exercise, it is advisable to get professional help.

guest: Hi, I am 35 years old and having a SIP of 35K in Reliance Small Cap, UTI Transport & Logistics(G), Canara Robeco Emerging Equity, Franklin India Smaller Companies each 7,500/- and 5,000/- IDFC sterling Equity Fund regular plan (G). I am investing since 2011 through SIPs. Can you recommend something and provide any further suggestions to enhance my portfolio quality.

Amit Trivedi: Why do you feel there is a need to enhance the quality of your portfolio? Do you see a problem somewhere? If yes, what is the problem? If the relative performance of some of the schemes in the portfolio is poor compared to some other schemes, it is not a reason to worry about. Scheme performances go through cycles of ups and downs, and it is very natural. If there are any other reasons why you feel the need, a specific answer could be provided.

guest: I am planning to invest 2.5 lacs, 50k each in 5 different mutual funds. Currently I\`ve a SIP of 3000 in HDFC Balance Fund. Suggest me few Balance, Equity and ELSS funds to invest, I am ready to hold this for next 10 years.

Amit Trivedi: Without understanding your needs, there is no way one can recommend anything. Take for example, how much money should be invested in an ELSS may vary from person to person based on one`s requirements for tax saving apart from funding the long term goals. This would be unique to each person. Secondly, what goals are you saving for? This would impact the amount to be accumulated. Third, how much money can you save each year - please remember, you may be in a position to increase your savings year after year. I have asked only a few questions here. There are many more questions that a good financial advisor would consider before recommending any scheme

guest: I\`m investing 11k in elss aditya birla 96 tax and principal tax saving fund ..are they good to hold for long run

Amit Trivedi: The answer to this question may vary from person to person. If you are investing 11k in these two funds out of a monthly investment of 12k, the answer could be very different from a situation where you invest 11k per month out of 100k invested every month. Second, how long is long term in your case? Without knowing these and many other details, there is no way to answer your question

guest: i have SIP on going for below funds. INR 1000 on each fund. monthly. 1) Aditya Birla SL Dynamic Bond Fund-Reg(G) 2) HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund(G) 3)ICICI Pru Balanced Fund(G) 4) Mirae Asset India Equity Fund-Reg(G) 5)SBI BlueChip Fund-Reg(G) Now i want to invest a corpus of 50000 , can you please suggest on which fund i can invest this corpus ammount

Amit Trivedi: if you are doing the SIPs as part of a plan, the lupmp sum should also be invested exactly as per that plan. Let us look at the options: (1) if according to your plan, the ratio in which the regular contribution remains constant, then divide this amount accordingly, (2) if according to your plan, the target amounts need to be maintained in a certain ratio (target amounts would change based on regular contributions as well as the changes in market values), then use this lump sum to rebalance to the desired ratios.
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