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Vatsal Shah

Head - Wealth Management , Sushil Finance

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guest: in which bond shall i invest, pls guide as i am a retired person

Vatsal Shah: Go for long term bond or long term bond funds

guest: I am 19 years old and currently having an sip of 1000 p.m. in UTI ULIP fund and invested a lumpsum of rs. 5000 in IDFC Sterling Equity Fund - Regular Plan (G). I want to start a new SIP of rs. 2000 p.m. for long term. suggest me some good options to invest it. So that it gives me good returns and if that so happens i will increase the sip amount in future. want to invest in equity . please suggest

Vatsal Shah: You are quite young and can go for little aggressive schemes - you may consider Franklin India Small Cap Fund

guest: my dad is 62, having diabetic and hyper tension. tried numerous comapnies in market, max of them rejected some before some after medical test. Do i have any options left in market?

Vatsal Shah: Dear Sir - if you are looking for a good insurance plan, then there are certain companies which have diabetes cover as well, have you tried star health insurance?

guest: Retired person. Wish to invest Rs 2 lacs surplus fund. No goal only for wealth creation. Kindly suggest some good funds.

Vatsal Shah: Invest in a STP mode over next 10 months - 20K each month to ride on volatility. Suggested funds would be IDFC Sterling, DSP Midcap Fund

megsparikh: Hii, Sir, I wanted to invest around 1 Lac for long term, please guide me which stocks will be feasible to invest in due to the recent dips. I have many stocks in large mid nd small companies.

Vatsal Shah: I would suggest you look at insurance company stocks as there is long growth available and can keep growing.

guest: Dear Sir, I am going to retire after 5 month.Kindly suggest any investment idea so that I can get fix income @30000 per month.How money to be invested ?

Vatsal Shah: Sir - to get 30,000 per month you need a minimum corpus of 50,00,000/- you can invest in a Dynamic Equity Fund

guest: Is postal life insurance good investment option?

Vatsal Shah: No insurance is a good investment option - both are different and should be kept different...Insurance is for risk cover - for investment you have MFs, Stocks, Real Estate etc...

guest: Please could answer the below mentioned queries. 1. I have a SIP of 1000 Rs in \" Axis Long Term Equity Fund - Direct Plan (G) \" since 2015. Should I continue this or switch to new fund? 2. I have the below goals and investments . Please advise if any changes requried. I can add 3000 Rs more SIP Goals:- Goal Amount Years Purpose 30,00,000 6 House Construction 3,00,00,000 20 Retirement 1,00,00,000 10 Home loan Repayment Portfolio:- Fund Monthly Sip Amount Axis Long Term Equity Fund - Direct Plan (G) 1000 HDFC Balanced Fund - Direct Plan (G) 2500 Kotak Select Focus Fund - Direct Plan (G) 3000 Motilal Oswal MOSt Focused Multicap 35 Fund - Direct Plan (G) 2000

Vatsal Shah: Axis LT equity - can continue as its very well managed, Looking at your goals the requirement for SIPs will be much higher - so you will need to increase your savings in a big way. The other Funds selected are good , you can assume that in 15 years at 12% compounding (which you can expect) your money will grow 5 times...so that basis you can use and go ahead with planning SIP amount

guest: Hi sir Recently amendment has been in LTCG tax. Is LTCG is applicable if I sell long term gain earned from sale of shares within 31st March 2018. Please help

Vatsal Shah: No its not applicable.

guest: Suggest a best family floater insurance plan

Vatsal Shah: It will totally depend on your profile - Health Insurance is like Mobile phone it will suit based on need for a policy with maximum coverage there is Bajaj Health Supreme , for young and healthy lives can suggest Apollo Munich

guest: best term plan for 40 years old... upto 65 years..

Vatsal Shah: Consider ICICI or Birla...they have good service

kiron59: Hi Sir, when there is a equity mutual fund (growth) showing 10% over 5 year returns on websites, then if Rs.1000 invested before, does it mean it has grown to Rs.1500? Is the returns absolute or cumulative?

Vatsal Shah: Yes..it is annualized returns you are correct, it will be little more than 1500 due to compounding factor

T0bfcy9IMM: Dear Sir, Investment in Debt Fund instead of FD is good decision or not ? Is safe investment in Debt Fund or is risky ? If is risky, whether entire amount of investment may sink ? I am planning to invest in Debt Fund ? Please suggest your views.

Vatsal Shah: Entire amount will not sink..there is an interest rate risk...that if the rate rises the return will get impacted...so the principal is not at risk as Fund Managers take reasonable caution

megsparikh: Sir thanx for the suggestion for investing in insurance companies.. but pls guide in whch insurance companies should i invest.

Vatsal Shah: Sir it wont be right to comment on stocks directly due to enhanced regulations by SEBI...you have to consult your broker or investment advisor
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