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Chat Transcript

Yogiraj Mahajan

Senior Analyst - Institutional Equity , Sushil Finance

What F&O Strategies to adopt now


Questions Answered


guest: Sir.. Your view on nifty... In March series...

Yogiraj Mahajan: Nifty will trade in the range of 10400 - 10750. For any clear cut direction you need to watch the above levels for the momentum to pick up, otherwise Market will trade in this zone only.

guest: What will be the target price of Asian paints till March expiry ?

Yogiraj Mahajan: Asian Paint important resistance is @ 1140 and support @ 1085. Unless it will cross these levels direction will not be clear. So for action to perform in this stock wait for the levels to break either upside or downside then perform the action accordingly.

guest: Hello... Sir I have ongc @208 March contract... I have roll over February to March... What are views regarding this.. Can I opt for option strategy like 190ce...

Yogiraj Mahajan: Whenever you trade in any Stock or Index fut, please follow the stop loss strictly as you are aware that they are risky product if you don`t hedge or not hold the stock in cash. Check your Risk taking capacity and take the decision accordingly. Avoid to add any leg in this position.

guest: I have 100 Shares of IndiaBulls Housing Finance @1430 What to do sell or hold, old reply Sir. Hasan Abbas

Yogiraj Mahajan: Whenever you buy any stock you must clear about your holding capacity and Risk reward. This stock is in Nifty-50 and you have the cash position. So check your risk taking and holding capacity. If you have holding capacity then hold the stock with strict sl of 1250 (or as per your risk reward).

guest: bought 50 shares of CESE @1040, whats the scope for 3 months

Yogiraj Mahajan: CESC has major resistance @ 1055 -1060 and support @ 970 -960. If it will able to surpass 1055 - 1060 on closing basis then the stock can go to 1100 - 1120 levels by short covering and cash based buying. so follow the stop loss as per your risk taking and holding capacity.

guest: Tech Mahindra March future is it good to hold open long at 612?

Yogiraj Mahajan: TECHM has major resistance @ 620 - 625 levels. Strictly follow the stop loss if you are not holding the stock in cash with equal to your position. Follow the stop loss as per your risk taking capacity. In stock or index fut generally avoid the naked positions. Trade with proper hedge.

guest: I have 100 share of idfc bank at60 ,what should I do today

Yogiraj Mahajan: Before buying any stock you must have clear trading or investment plan as per your risk taking and holding capacity. Stock has resistance @ 57.50 - 60 levels. So strictly check your holding and risk taking capacity and take the decision accordingly.
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