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Vatsal Shah

Head - Wealth Management , Sushil Finance

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guest: Where and how to invest 1-3 lakh rupees for 1 year time period.

Vatsal Shah: Sir looking at the current market situation, you can invest in large and midcap schemes, in 3 tranches over next 6 months.

T0bfcy9IMM: Dear Sir, I am 61 years old retired person. I want to invest in mutual fund. Please suggest whether invest through SIP and or Lump Sum in mutual fund. I may invest for 5 to 7 years only. May I invest in SWP or Debt fund. Which are more safe. Please suggest schemes name which are good and are rated five star. Thanking you.

Vatsal Shah: Dear Sir, You must invest in regular Lumpsum mode- Put 50% of your corpus today and remaining 50% over next one year , this will help you gain from the upcycle in the markets. Rating is very subjective and I would suggest you go for consistent performing schemes

guest: I want to invest red 2.5 Lang in MF. What are the best mf to invest plz suggest

Vatsal Shah: In large Cap - look at ICICI Top 100, IDFC Focused Equity, Kotak Select Focus Fund ...all 3 doing very good

guest: Sir.last year i had invested in elss(axis long term growth) for 80-C,but this year i undestand that returns are not same with axis,so kindly suggest the best options as of now

Vatsal Shah: This year we are recommending our clients for Reliance Tax Saver, IDFC Tax Advantage, DSP Tax Saver Funds

guest: How MF which had a major hit by down market will recover how much time it goona take to come out of the negative mark.

Vatsal Shah: It is very difficult to predict, but sharp corrections always happen in every bull market and this also looks like a bull market correction - no need to worry, i cannot time it but good times are yet to come.

guest: Hello Mr. Vatsal, I would like to invest around 10 k per month and I want my money to grow over the years. I would like to invest for a longer term like minimum of 20 years. Help in where and how much can I invest. I am thinking to invest in ELSS funds. Suggest the best investment.

Vatsal Shah: This year we are recommending our clients for Reliance Tax Saver, IDFC Tax Advantage, DSP Tax Saver Funds based on consistency and regular outperformance

guest: Sir general insurance corporation of India me kya advised hai I want to buy some share for six months.

Vatsal Shah: GIC is a great company and excellent management - however their investment portfolio is not doing very good, you can buy some shares - but 6 months is a very short period you must have a vision of 3-5 years to really get the benefits from GIC

guest: What are the best liqiud funds with high profit n tentitive futuristic profit probability?

Vatsal Shah: Sir Liquid funds give regular fixed returns, certain ultra short term funds - give little higher returns - all these will definitely give you positive return in the range of 6 - 7%

guest: I am doing SIP in HDFC TOP 200 Growth and Axis Equity Fund Growth since 2005...my investment is giving returns of 15 to 18 p.a. Should I withdraw the whole amount and diversify the same into other mutual funds to avoid long term long capital gain in future.

Vatsal Shah: Long term capital gain will apply only after 31st Jan, 2018 - in my opinion you shouldnt sell it out, continue to ride it. Nevertheless i feel there are better schemes which you can diversify into and add SIP amount.

guest: I m 27 yr old n my annul income is 3.5L .Thinking to invest in MF bt cant get proper guidance in my circumstance

Vatsal Shah: Any reason you are not getting proper guidance? there are many good advisers who can guide you...you should first focus on protecting your life through term and then identify certain goals and start planning your investment. Our mantra is - dont spend and save ...but save for goals and then spend

guest: ICICI PRUD.WELTH BUILDER PLAN 1 POLICY TOP UP ? Will it be very profitable? 3 years are over and 2years are remained.suggest view in all directions.

Vatsal Shah: Sir cant say about whether it will be very profitable or not, ICICI has a good performance record - so does Bajaj Allianz you can evaluate them also

guest: Sir plz suggest at that time if we buy a ulip plan of icici pru.. is good investment or not .

Vatsal Shah: Any ulip you need to check the ALLOCATION CHARGES, avoid any scheme with high ALLOCATION Charges - NPS is a better option in that case.

guest: I am a retired person. I want to invest 6 to 8 lakhs (lumpsum) in a Mutual Fund for 3 to 5 years. Right now Sensex is at a high. Is it the right time, if so which one?. Shankar Rao R.

Vatsal Shah: Dear Mr. Rao, Sensex is not as high, and every up cycle we will see new highs getting made - in our opinion you should invest in next 6 months to get the benefit of next 3 years of the market. If you are unsure then divide it over next 12 months.

guest: I am about 50, I can invest 10000 per month and not expecting returns till next 10 years. Where to invest??

Vatsal Shah: Midcap and Multicap - schemes, and some stocks as well

guest: I need after retirement Rs. 20000.00 / Month. Pl. send the planning

Vatsal Shah: Sir we will need the age and the corpus you have already saved and the age of retirement. In any case to get Rs. 20,000 per month or 2,40,000 yearly you need a corpus of 48 lacs

guest: Which SIP is better to invest for 8 years, which will bring a good return

Vatsal Shah: A combo of Mid cap and Multi cap - our top schemes are : DSP Small and Mid cap, Kotak Emerging Equity, Reliance Small Cap in Multicap - HDFC Capital Builder, Most Focussed 35, AB SL Advantage Fund
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