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Vatsal Shah

Head - Wealth Management , Sushil Finance

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nantumf: Dear Sir, for last 4 years I have been investing through SIP for 1.4 lakhs per month in the following funds. ABSL Equity Fund(G) – 50K, Most focussed multicap 35(G)- 50K, ABSL pure value fund(G)- 15K, Canara Robeco Emerging Equities(G)-15K, HDFC Midcap Opportunities(G)- 10K. Will Continue for another 7 years. Is the Plan OK? Thanks and Regards.

Vatsal Shah: Dear Nantun, this plan is fine - however this should coincide with the growth and end corpus that you are looking for. Look up for financial planning tools and see if your goal is meeting

guest: sir, i want to say about my folio.i give you my folio please tell my folio is ok or not.if any change is required please tell me. my target is after 15 years i need 50 lac and after 20 years need 1 cr. 1.dsp balck opportunity fund (3000 p/m) 2.dsp black balance fund (2 lakh) 3.hdfc equity fund growth (3000 p/m) 4.icici prudental mutual fund (1000 p0/m) 5.absl midcap fund (2000 p/M) 6.absl cash manager (10000 lumsump) 7.sundaram select midcap fund( 1000 p/m) 8.franklin multicap (2000 p/m)

Vatsal Shah: To achieve the given targets you need to invest approx Rs. 20,000 per month which can compound at the rate of 12.5% over the given period to meet your goals...

guest: Hi, My age is 27 and i am working in automobile company, my question is that i want to invest 65k so please suggest where should be invest to better return.

Vatsal Shah: You are young can put 50% in mutual funds through SIPs and 50% in stocks

guest: I am 30 years old working professional.Every month I invest some amount in Mutual Fund from SIP apart from that I also want to invest some amount directly into stock market for long term.Questions which I want to ask 1.How do I know which stocks to invest in and which stocks will give me long term return 2.In total how many scripts should I invest because I cannot keep a watch every day on my stocks. Regards

Vatsal Shah: To become a good stock investor - start with learning , read the book One Up Wall Street by Peter Lynch - and few other investment books, join a good stock advisor and then start investing based on his/her recommendation and learn in your process

sukhbir : What does shifting one fund to another means?? Whether by lumpsump, STP or SIP. How to implement shifting one fund to another? Which is the best way to implement this.? Regards Sukhbir

Vatsal Shah: Shifting one fund to another can happen only by Switching or STP. No other way...when you give an order for Switch your amount goes one shot or in STP it goes in a regular manner in smaller parts. if you risk averse then STP is better suited for you, also looking at the current market levels

guest: please advice me if I invest in sbi life elite balance fund for 5 years is it wise decisionor should i go for other

Vatsal Shah: Please ask your insurance advisor what is the allocation charges they are applying. Ideally go for a product with nil allocation charge to get higher returns

guest: My son is currently studying abroad. Before that he was working in India for 2 years and he used to file his tax returns. He has some investments in mutual funds and equities. Can he continue to trade in equities and mutual funds while studying abroad? He does not have any income abroad and will use his existing savings in India for investing.

Vatsal Shah: yeah..but if he taxation status has changed then he needs to change it with the investments and then he can open an NRO account and start investments seamlessly

bella33: g. a noon sir.budget time is near so whats you view in nifty n sensex

Vatsal Shah: Good afternoon Bella - if i knew the same would have already bought options at low price and made huge profit. Unfortunately cannot give view on index for short term as its of speculative nature

T0bfcy9IMM: If I invest through SWP, may I receive return @ 10%.

Vatsal Shah: Yes you can expect that much return - however give some time to your investments to get a good gain and then start the SWP...dont start immediately else achieving that return will be difficult. Start only if you need the funds.

T0bfcy9IMM: Invest through SIP is good or investment through lump sum is good.

Vatsal Shah: Both are good how about doing a combo - 50% lumpsum and the balance in a SIP manner over next 2 years

sukhbir : What I mean for shifting is a non performer fund to good performer fund/ fund house. In that case, should I plan for swp non performer and making SIP in good performer fund. Or else lumpsump withdrawal non performer and lumpsump/STP in good performer fund/fund house. Regards Sukhbir

Vatsal Shah: dear Sukhbir in this case lumpsum withdrawal and moving to better fund

guest: I give 5lakh INR to my wife through loan every year. She is housewife & does not have another source of income. She invests this amount in shares & mutual fund. Using this amount she earn money (through trading & investing) every year. Please let me know if the profit earned short term & long term will be consider income of my wife or will be consider income for me? How will be tax treatment on the profit earned, can my wife file return for the profit earned this way.

Vatsal Shah: the gains will be considered in your wifes books only, she will have to file returns accordingly. What do you do to the loans at the end of the year? do you take it back or it shows outstanding?

rana.vipin47@ya: Sir amid wide talks about the impending correction and volitality in present market what type of funds are best suited for the scenario for minimum damage ?

Vatsal Shah: Equity Savings Funds - to play safe and then aggressively move into other funds when Volatility rises
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