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Yogiraj Mahajan

Senior Analyst - Institutional Equity , Sushil Finance

What F&O Strategies to adopt now


Questions Answered


guest: I bought coal India future Jan 1 lot plz suggest

Yogiraj Mahajan: It is advisable to Buy Coal India above 270 levels. Buy Coal India Jan-18 Fut @ 271 - 273 sl 266 Tgt 281 - 283.

guest: I hold 160 shares of castrol @Rs 208/- pls advise

Yogiraj Mahajan: Follow the strict sl of any stock as per your risk reward. It is not advisable to hold without sl. Use 193 as spot price sl or as per your risk taking capacity.

guest: Sir..i am in sell of jet airways futures at 730...shall i hold or book loss? Please guide me sir.

Yogiraj Mahajan: Sir, while trading in F&O, you should follow strict sl as per your risk appetite. Now the price difference is as such you can`t hedge also. It is advisable to cut the position or if you are holding the stock with near by or higher of the lot size. Book profit in cash & cut the future position so that your loss can taken care by spot profit.

guest: sir i want to know about DLF whether it goes upward or downword today?

Yogiraj Mahajan: Not advisable to trade intraday near to expiry. Stock can be volatile due to rollover activity. So avoid intraday at least in future.

guest: Nifty 10500 call @46..what 2 do..this expiry

Yogiraj Mahajan: If you have bought the call @ 46 then trail the sl above your buying price and if your risk appetite is less then book profit. Not advisable to buy currently. It is never advisable to buy CE or PE very near to expiry due to time value of options.

guest: The future prospects of PCJWELER script.Kindly advise.

Yogiraj Mahajan: PC Jeweller is already appreciated more than 15% in Dec series. If you are already holding the trail your sl with profit. Not advisable for fresh buying at least near to expiry. After expiry study the rollover activity in the counter and then decide.

jayagabriel: Shall I buy sun pharma attitude at current market rate

Yogiraj Mahajan: Not advisable to buy at current levels.

guest: What about Tata motors Jan future

Yogiraj Mahajan: 432 - 434 seems to be resistance for Tata Motors. It is advisable to buy the stock only if it crosses the 432 - 434 level comfortably on closing basis.

guest: Pnb 2 lots dec series at 182. Roll over or booking loss?

Yogiraj Mahajan: Always follow the strict sl as per your risk appetite in future position. If your risk appetite is low then cut the position.

devbratpradhan: Can you suggest i have 2 lots of Balramchin @151 future. What i shall i do ? do i need to roll over or exit

Yogiraj Mahajan: If you are having the buy position then you must follow the strict sl as per your risk appetite. If your risk appetite is low then if you are holding the buy position then cut your position. In future trade follow st stop losses.
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