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Harshvardhan Roongta

CFP , Roongta Securities

Financial Planning and Asset Allocation


Questions Answered


guest: I had invested in SBI dynamic bond fund and UTI dynamic bond fund in July 2017.Should I continue or switch to another debt fund . My time frame is 3 to 5 years or more.I am 66 years with no liability. R Rao

Harshvardhan Roongta: Given the movement we are witnessing in interest rates, it is appropriate to invest in Dynamic Bond Funds for a person who has a 3 - 5 years horizon. The schemes that you have selected are good and you may continue.

guest: I have to invest Rs.10000 per month in Mutual Fund through SIP. Which funds will be suitable for me. Please clarify.

Harshvardhan Roongta: Create a diversified portfolio. Pick 2 schemes : a) SBI Magnum MultiCap fund - Rs. 5,000/- & 2) Birla Frontline Equity Fund - Rs. 5,000/-

guest: Which is the good mid cap fund for long term sip investment?

Harshvardhan Roongta: Hdfc Mid Cap Opp Fund can be picked for your needs

guest: Sir, in present market scenario, is it gud decision to invest in small and mid cap fund or we should wait or invest in large cap/balanced funds.

Harshvardhan Roongta: I am personally a bit vary of allocating higher amounts towards Mid & small cap funds as their valuations are way above my comfort levels. Hence, i suggest that you invest in Large, Multi Cap funds & balanced funds.

guest: I want your views on Reliance Equity Opportunities fund. I have been investing 1500/- per month in it for last 3 years, but now I want to switch to Reliance Small caps. Is it right thing to do?

Harshvardhan Roongta: I would not suggest the switch ..continue in Reliance Equity Opportunity fund.

guest: Sir at current level,should I buy motilal foc multicap 35 for 5 yrs holding? OR any one good diversified fund your choise..

Harshvardhan Roongta: MOST MultiCap 35 is a good fund and you can invest in the same. Further, you would need to monitor market levels incase you wish to invest as lumpsum. If the investment is via SIP then the current levels should not be of any significance .

guest: Hi sir, following are my investment. Icici balance and focused bluechip sip 6000 each. Lt emerging business and India value fund sip 4000 each. Kotak focus and ABSL front line sip 5000 each. Goal long term 20 yrs. Pls suggest. Please advise do I have to add debt fund also. Thx

Harshvardhan Roongta: I dont see any compelling reason for you to make any changes in your current portfolio. This portfolio is good considering 20 yrs time horizon. If you have FD, PPF etc in addition to this MF investments , then that serves the purpose of Debt in your overall portfolio.

guest: Doing sip in(1)absl frntline-2k(2)HDFC equity-1k(3)icici dynamic-1k(4)HDFC midcap-6k(5)reliance small cap-3k(6)dspbr microcap-3k.for at least 15yrs for my child education marriage. Kindly advice

Harshvardhan Roongta: You have too much weightage towards mid-small caps. Stop SIP in DSP BR Micro Cap and re-allocate that SIP of Rs. 3,000/- in Birla Frontline Equity Fund.

guest: Sir, I am Sr. Citizen retired Central Govt. My FD amounting to Rs.10 lakh is maturing in this month., where should I re-invest this amount for about 5 yrs. more. I am comfortable in Mutual funds. I have also Rs.4.50 lakh in Axis Long Term Rs.ELSS maturing in March, 2018. I have only liability of marrying my son in about 4 yrs.Pl. Advise LRBHATIA 9999511396

Harshvardhan Roongta: Given your time horizon and liabilities you may invest in Dynamic Bond funds. Split the amount into 2 schemes : a) SBI Dynamic Bond Fund and 2) UTI Dynamic Bond Fund

guest: Hi, I am a 32 year old Male doctor with 24 L.p.a salary. I have modest savings in terms of few mutual funds and one endowment LIC policy with around 33000/- in house rent. What should be the ideal investment and saving tools for Me?

Harshvardhan Roongta: There are many parameters to look into before drawing up a comprehensive plan. It would not be possible for me to suggest a detailed plan without knowing all your goals etc. You may consult a financial planner in person for a detailed discussion and then take this further.

guest: Hi I have 25 lacs in liquid shall I adjust it against my overdraft account on Home loan of 25 lacs or invest somewhere else

Harshvardhan Roongta: Since you have a OD account for your home loan, you must surely deposit your Rs. 25 Lakhs in that account. If and when you find a good investment option you may withdraw out of that account itself.. since its an OD home loan account it will allow you to do so.

guest: Hi, I m 30 unmarried, monthly income 90000, planning to invest 30k monthly in mf. Have moderate risk appetite. Do not good saving corpus. Plz advice where to invest keeping tax savings also in mind

Harshvardhan Roongta: The selection of schemes would depend upon factors such as goals, time horizon etc. Tax saving is one of the considerations. Its always advisable to align your future financial needs with tax saving investments. Please write back with full details to enable me to assist you.

guest: Hi Harsh, Can you advise best SIP for Mid cap and Small cap. I would like to invest 10000 monthly in each SIP for 20 years. What corpus i can expect after 20 years

Harshvardhan Roongta: Create a basket of 2 or 3 schemes in the mid-sall cap category. a) Canara Robeco Emerging Equity Fund b) Hdfc Mid Cap Opportunities fund 3) Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund

guest: Hi I’m new to investment I would like to invest some amount in mutual funds what is your suggestion and how the returns will be so interesting in fixed deposit or mutual funds which one is better please answer my question

Harshvardhan Roongta: It seems you are being drawn into mutual funds looking at the inflows that AMC are witnessing these days. MF`s are a very good medium to invest, however, its also important to know their functioning. Please try and learn more about Mutual Funds through advisers / Mutual Fund Distributors before your start investing.

guest: I want to invest in mutual fund @monthly Pls guide me where to invest and get best return

Harshvardhan Roongta: There seems to be too much euphoria in the market w.r.t investing through mutual funds and the returns that different schemes can generate. My suggestion to you is also to get more information about functioning of mutual funds before starting off. Please try and learn more about Mutual Funds through advisers / Mutual Fund Distributors before your start investing.
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