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Amit Trivedi

Author & Founder , Karmayog Knowledge

Equity investments simplified


Questions Answered


guest: I\`m 28. I wish to invest 1,00,000 per month for a period of 1 year for a car upgrade, 3 yrs for marriage, and 20 yrs for retirement. What do you suggest?

Amit Trivedi: The money that you need next year may be parked in liquid / ultra-short term bond funds. You may also look at arbitrage funds, too. The 3-year money may be invested in short term debt funds. If you are ok with some degree of risk, you may go for equity savings funds. The retirement fund may be built using a combination of equity and balanced funds. Go for diversified equity funds with the equity category.

guest: I m getting retired after 9 years, I m having 2 children age 22 n 16, how can I save so I retire as rich. My contact no 8879796215

Amit Trivedi: There are too many variables, which make it difficult to answer your question directly. Consider these questions: (1) how much investments you have already accumulated through various means, (2) how much can you save currently on a regular basis, (3) what are any major expenses that you can envisage in the period from now till retirement, (4) do you have your own house? Debt-free? (5) do you have medical insurance? (6) how much money do you need for your household expenses, currently? what is your estimate of the rate of growth of these expenses?, and finally (7) define wealth. This is just a small list of questions that you may consider. It is not exhaustive.

guest: I have a baby girl who is 6 year now. I haven\`t invested anything for her. I want to start now. Can you please suggest which is best/good mode of investment?

Amit Trivedi: Invest on a monthly basis (SIP) in some good diversified equity / balanced funds for the needs that may come after 10 years, e.g. her higher education and marriage, or if you want to give away some money to her later.

guest: Can you pls. let me know what type of investment is required for children\`s education currently our kids age is 01 and 03 yrs..

Amit Trivedi: SIP in diversified equity mutual funds or balanced mutual funds should be good for the purpose.

guest: Hi, I am a telecom engineer working in a Private Company. I have a daughter 1.5 years old. We want her to be a doctor. How much should i shave and where to invest so that when she will be at age of 18 i have 70 Lac for her medical studies. Regards Ravi Kumar

Amit Trivedi: Many online calculators are available on the Internet that can help you with the answer to your question. You will have to feed in certain information like how much have you already saved so far, what is the expected rate of return and the time period. Be reasonable in your expectation of returns. However, the important point here is how much can you invest for this purpose? Secondly, how did you arrive at the amount of Rs. 70 lacs? Have you factored the potential rise in cost of education over these many years?

guest: What are the options available to save capital gains from sale of shares of an unlisted Indian company? Note: I am oint owner of two home properties.

Amit Trivedi: You may consider capital gains bonds of NHAI / REC / PFC

guest: my father has retired long back . he had fixed deposits at 10 % interest rate, however interest rates have changed now. where should he deposit bulk amount 20 lacs for regular monthly income ? please suggest reliable and assured plans.

Amit Trivedi: What has changed over the years is the interest rates, but the options for assured returns remain the same - bank deposits, Senior Citizens Savings Schemes, post office monthly income scheme, etc. If you are expecting any options that offer assured high returns, such options do not exist. If you want higher returns, you may have to look at some alternatives where the returns are not assured.

guest: I have taken SBI Life Unit Plus II (growth fund ) on 2008 yearly premium of 40k with policy and permium term as 15 years As of today, i have paid around 3.6L and current fund value is 5.3L with NAV as 40. heard that market correction gonna happen soon, if market correction happens, then NAVs would go down drastically, which will eventually reduce the fund value My query is should i continue with ulip or take the money out ? if i dont want to get affected by market correction what should i do? will it b worth if i switch from growth fund to balanced fund?

Amit Trivedi: I will answer your question with a disclaimer: I do not know whether the market are going to fall or not - I simply don`t know. Given that, you have a choice of changing the fund within the scheme, which might be a better option than to pull out of the scheme completely.

guest: I want to invest around 5000£ in best NRI schemes. What would be the best and safe option and the return after an year

Amit Trivedi: NRE deposit with a bank might be a good idea, considering your time horizon and that there is no tax in India and the principal is also safe. You may need to check the taxation as may be applicable in your country of residence.

Satish R: Iam 41 and investing in sip since 2 yrs for my kids education they are 8 and 4 yrs the funds are Franklin Prima Plus and UTI equity fund does my fund selection are good for my above long term goal which is more more than 10 yrs. How much average returns cani expect

Amit Trivedi: It is difficult to estimate the future returns, and that too for a period as long as 10 years. You may continue the SIP

guest: Iam investing in the following funds via sip since 5 yrs for my financial goals. LNT Eq, Quantum LTE, ICICI dynamic plan, Franklin Prima Plus, IDFC premier Eq, UTI Eq. Does my funds able to generate 10 to 12 returns. I have selected the funds in all category large cap multicap value funds mid cap dynamic plan pls comment

Amit Trivedi: It would be impossible to estimate the future returns
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