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Amit Trivedi

Author & Founder , Karmayog Knowledge

Equity investments simplified


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guest: Hi, My name is Ashish jain and I am 28 yrs old. I am looking forward for a SIP in multi cap mutual fund.I am planning for a long term investment. I have done some research and below are the three scheme on which i am looking forward for an investment. Motilal Oswal MOSt Focused Multicap 35 Fund - Direct Plan (G) Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund - Direct Plan | L&T India Value Fund - Direct Plan | But now question is which one to buy as I am quite confused now. Also i am also looking for direct plan investment and not the regular one. If you have some other fund scheme suggestion, let me know. Also how much a person should invest in multi cap SIP( I can spend 4k now in multi cap) Kindly help. Thanks, Ashish Jain

Amit Trivedi: I am not sure how much are you going to invest. If it is a very small amount, you may consider only one scheme. However, even if your investment is as low as Rs. 3,000; you may divide the money equally between the three schemes you have identified. There is no way for anyone to predict which one of these three would do better than the other two, or any other scheme for that matter. Secondly, there is no upper limit to how much you can invest in a multicap portfolio, in particular.

guest: I want to invest lumpsum amount of 100000 in mutual funds for a period of 3 years.Please suggest me some best mutual funds

Amit Trivedi: It is difficult for anyone to define what is "best fund". However, considering your time horizon, I would suggest short term bond fund category, since the risk - reward ratio could be good for a 3 year horizon

guest: Hello Sir. Im a 35 year old PSU employee married with 2 year old kid(son).My PPF account has recently matured and Im looking for options where to invest the amount in Mutual Funds.Ill be having around 11L to invest for 20 years and planning for sons education and my retirement. Lumpsome Investements are DSP Br Opportunities 1,324,587.00 investment dt 6-Feb-17 Kotak FMP 189 - 1154 Days 200,000.00 investment dt 16-Feb-16 Can Robecco Em Eq. opp fund 200,000.00 investment dt 27-Jan-17 Axis long term equity fund 55,000.00 investment dt 27-Mar-15 IDBI Equity advantage fund 75,000.00 investment dt 7-Aug-15 Can you please suggest a good Fund to invest.Is it wise to invest in single fund or split 11L into multiple funds? I have the following SIPs going HDFC Mid cap opp fund - 3500 - Monthly since 15-May-17 Franklin India Prima Plus - 3500 - Monthly since 15-May-17 Canara Rebe Em Eq Fund - 6000 - Monthly since 2-Sep-16 DSP Small & Midcap fund - 3000 - Monthly since 9-Feb-17 Also pls suggest if my SIPs needs any changes

Amit Trivedi: You have already invested in seven different equity funds - either lump sum or through SIP. Increasing the number of schemes beyond this would make it difficult for you to monitor. Secondly, I am not sure if you should shift your PPF maturity amount to equity mutual funds. I would suggest you meet a financial advisor and share all your details - income, expenses, assets, liabilities and financial goals. That would help the advisor to give you an investment plan

guest: Hi, I am a 34 year old professional and have started investing since last 2-3 months in mutual funds. Below are the SIPs i am doing. My investment horizon is 15 years Franklin India Ultra Short Bond Fund-Super Inst(G) 4000 ICICI Pru Long Term Plan(G) 4000 HDFC Balanced Fund(G) 3500 Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip-Reg(G) 5000 Kotak Select Focus Fund(G) 4500 ICICI Pru Value Discovery Fund(G) 1500 Aditya Birla SL Top 100 Fund(G) 6500 Kindly suggest if the SIPs seems ok or should I rebalance them? Also, I need to invest around 3 lakh rs in some debt fund for around 3-4 years. Also please suggest the debt fund where I can invest one time 3Lakh rs for 3-4 years. Thanks for your responses in advance

Amit Trivedi: There must be a reason why you selected these schemes. Please check if there is any change. If not, there is no need to change the schemes. Also you have already invested in six different equity schemes. I do not think you should increase the number of schemes beyond this. It would be very difficult to monitor beyond a limit. For 3-4 year time horizon, you may consider investing in short term bond funds.

guest: do det funds have lockin period

Amit Trivedi: Open-ended debt funds generally do not have any lock-in, but there could be exit loads (penalty to be paid if you exit before a certain predefined period). Such exit load periods would be different for different schemes. The same may also change from time to time for the same scheme. Close-ended debt funds, including FMPs, have a lock-in till the date of maturity.

guest: hello , sir I invest Rs 500 per month in SBI blue chip (G) mutual fund for 1 year. This fund given a good interest.

Amit Trivedi: This is an equity mutual fund scheme, hence it would not give you any interest. Also you have opted for growth plan, which means the earnings would accumulate within the scheme. Equity funds are good if your investment horizon is long.

guest: Hi, I have two queries: 1. My financial advisor had suggested me to invest in \"Motilal Oswal Most Focused 30 Mid cap\" fund. I am doing this investment for my child\`s education. However the moneycontrol report says that the fund is not performing well. Should I switch to some other fund? Once I had asked my advisor regarding the same , but he asked me to atleast invest for two years. Since I had taken his service, will it be possible for me to stop the SIP in this fund by myself or I have to proceed with his help only? 2. My cousin was moved to U.K. on an official assignment last year. Can he start an SIP in any of the balanced fund? and What is the process for the same?

Amit Trivedi: 1. If you have taken the advice from an advisor, please discuss the Moneycontrol report with him / her. There are different view points among experts and hence there could be a reason why the advisor insists that you must continue the SIP. Also read the Moneycontrol report in detail. If the report only indicates that the scheme had a bad patch for some time, you may not drop it from your portfolio and continue SIP. Whatever you do, I suggest you discuss with your advisor. At the same time, operationally, you can stop the SIP directly by writing to the fund house. 2. Your cousin can invest in Indian mutual funds through SIP or lump sum method or both. The process is the same as in your case. However, since he is living in UK, he should check with a local equivalent of a chartered account / tax consultant regarding the tax implications / disclosure requirements of the investments

guest: I am investing Rs. 2500 monthly via SIP in SBI Magnum Global Fund Regular Plan Growth from last 1 year. I am planning to invest for next 20 years also. What I can expect from this SIP Plan after 21 years and what Tax I have to pay on this after 21 years.

Amit Trivedi: According to the present tax laws, your investments in equity mutual funds are exempt from capital gains tax if the holding period is more than one year. However, please understand these are present tax laws, applicable to capital gains booked now. What kind of laws we would have 21 years later impossible to predict.

guest: I am invested in HDFC Equity F Gr. & Reliance Equity Opp.Fund Gr. from last 5 Years. I am willing to continue in them for next 5 years more. What is your advice-Continue or shift to other fund?

Amit Trivedi: Why did you select these funds? Please have a look at those reasons. Has anything changed? If not, don`t change the schemes.
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