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Surabhi Arora

Sr. Associate Director , Colliers International

Best property to buy


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guest: Hello madam, Which city will be good for future investment Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Bangalore? Currently staying in Bangalore but properties are out of my budget but would know your thoughts on same.

Surabhi Arora: Bangalore is definitely a good option for investment. The commercial office market is consistently performing over the years. Rental market is also good. While I agree that the prices are increasing in Bangalore but I think you can find out good options in emerging locations towards north Bengaluru which is poised to grow in future. The most important aspect to look for while investing in emerging location is their proximity and connectivity to employment hubs. Short term speculative gains are unlikely thus suggest you to keep an investment horizon of about 3 to 5 years.

guest: I wish to buy an apartment in around Adyar, Chennai. Is this the best time to buy?

Surabhi Arora: The reduction in number of launches and stagnant prices in last couple of years is demonstrating that the market is in self-recovery mode and timing could not be more opportune than now for end-users. if you are looking for end-us, Adyar is one of the premium location and I would suggest you to look for options, negotiate well and finalize your purchase. For investors, I would say the investment horizon should be atleast 3-5 years as speculative gains are unlikely in the current scenario.

janeds: When finalizing a Row villa for oneself, what are the documents and things to look into?

Surabhi Arora: I think following are the essential documents are to check for before buying any property. Title – Checking the title of the seller with respect to the property and inspecting original title deed, essential to transfer the title of the seller to the buyer. Raising requisitions on the title to ascertain the flow of title plans sanctioned by the respective municipal authorities. Certificates – Verifying the occupancy and completion certificate to ensure that the property is fit for occupation. This ascertains that the structure constructed is in accordance with the laws of the land. Layout Plan – Verifying that the building’s plan is sanctioned and all legal building guidelines were followed Encumbrances – Checking with government offices or office of the local sub-registrar to see if there are any encumbrances on the property, such as a mortgage, lien, or claim from a third party. Property Tax – Checking tax receipts for the past three years to determine whether the seller has paid property tax to the housing society or concerned municipal authority. Litigation – Verifying that the property does not have any pending litigations Probated Will – Checking the legitimacy of the will in case the property is inherited; a probated will is authenticated by the court

guest: i want to purchase 1 stdio apprtment in Paramount golf foreste in Gr noida zeta this is good for investment

Surabhi Arora: Studio apartments are new in trend and good for rental purpose. As greater Noida market is still in emerging state and supply is huge the investment will take some time to mature.

guest: HI I am looking for ready to move in 2 bhk apartment in gurgaon for own residential purpose . My budget is around 70 lakh . Please suggest some good quality projects

Surabhi Arora: Most of the mature micro markets has limited options for 2BHK apartments. Due to density norms, 3BHK are more in number and the size of the apartments are big. Thus, if you are restricted to the budget, you may go to New Gurgaon sectors along National Highway. A number of projects have recently given possession in this area and there are plenty of options available. While social amenities are still not well developed, the area is growing at a fast pace.

guest: i purchase a land for Rs.1.50 000/- in year 1988. Now i sold land for 1800000/- how i can calculate capital gain please answer

Surabhi Arora: As the land was purchased a long back in 1988, you need to apply indexation to calculate the capital gains. Capital Gain = Sales Consideration – Indexed Cost of Acquisition.

guest: I have purchase Flat in 2015 in Banglore Provident Welworth City @3000/- Sq ft, what is the future growth appreciation in next one year 2018

Surabhi Arora: The residential market is going through a stagnation phase due to various regulatory changes such as RERA and GST. RERA has just implemented in Karnataka and we expect the number of new launches to go down in next six months but we are not expecting any significant increase in prices. I think you should keep invested for more than a year to get a good ROI.

janeds: Hello Ma`am, What you thinks about housing scenario in Goa? Why is it pricey like that of the metropolitan cities in India? Is it good investment to buy a 2 bhk home there?

Surabhi Arora: Goa is primarily a second home market. The prices are almost at similar level of other metropolitan city due to high land cost. Generally, people buy properties in goa for their second home, if you are looking for pure ROI (Return on Investment)purpose you can also consider other growing cities such as Bangalore and Pune. Prices in Goa are almost stagnant for some time but there is a long term potential. If you are looking to buy in Goa, plan your investment for long term.

guest: Best property to buy in Kolkata for investment purposes.

Surabhi Arora: The property investment depends on a lot of factors such as budget, proximity to your office, typology etc. However, Rajarhat is one of the most promising location where you can explore. The commercial development is likely to drive residential market in this area.

guest: I have booked the one property in kolkata near Barackpore called Magnolia sports city they are committed to hand over project in last of 2019. Will I get this project on time..

Surabhi Arora: With RERA is getting implemented in most of the states we are expecting a significant improvement in the way real estate works in India. The project delays are likely to reduce in coming years due to significant penalty imposed by the regulator. Your possession is due in 2019, by that time RERA will be fully implemented. However, it is advisable to check the track record of the builder before investing in the project.

guest: Property investment only for returns over period of 2/4 years. Please list selection criteria for such a property.

Surabhi Arora: Our research shows that properties in proximity to commercial and business centric areas are valued higher than those located in purely residential areas. The market also places higher value to well-constructed structures. Emerging areas in proximity to employment hubs with solid infrastructure plan such as metro connectivity can be considered for investment.
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