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Yogiraj Mahajan

Senior Analyst - Institutional Equity , Sushil Finance

What F&O Strategies to adopt now


Questions Answered


amanaisu: Hello sir I bought Larsen agust future 2lot@1140. Please let me know shall I hold or book losses or roll over Thanks in advance

Yogiraj Mahajan: Whatever is your risk appetite always follow strict sl in future. fresh shorts are seen in the counter so be cautious for long positions.

guest: Itc what will be aug series price

Yogiraj Mahajan: As per the options data ITC may settle in the range of 276-284.

guest: Tomorrows nifty trend Support and resisted center level

Yogiraj Mahajan: Nifty Spot support is 9750 and resistance is 9920.

guest: imfosys by 150 qty rate 862 sal or hold

Yogiraj Mahajan: Please trail the sl to above your buy price. As you are making good profit. Check your risk taking capacity. Don`t let go the profit. Always trail the sl to higher side or sell in bunch e.g. 50 at one price another 50 at one price like wise.

guest: Sir, We are holding 90 shares of Coal India. Now that stock is running down towards the lowest. What should we do at this point of time. Kindly suggest.

Yogiraj Mahajan: Whenever you buy any stock be clear with your goal. Either trading or investment. If its trading then first decide the sl before buying as per your risk taking capacity. Otherwise trading call get converts to investment call. In this case also your goal is not clear.

guest: Sir, i am in sell sun oharma futures @ 265.can i holf or book loss?

Yogiraj Mahajan: Please verify your sell price.

guest: Future of Reliance infra. I am holding for last two years.Purchase Price 538.00 per share. My demat a/c is with Sushil Finance.

Yogiraj Mahajan: Sir, please set your goal as per the investment or trading. Because trading stop loss (sl) and investment sl is different. It seems that your goal is investment then please follow the sl as per your risk taking capacity in investment (Generally Risk reward should be 1:2). 475 - 480 seems to be support and 525 - 530 resistance. Once the counter will cross 530 levels then can go up to 550 - 560 level.
moderator hank you for giving us your expert views, we hope to see you more often with us at moneycontrol.com. This chat has now ended. Thank you everyone for participating.

guest: I am holding 50 Reliance Infra share for last two years. Please advise hold or sale.

Yogiraj Mahajan: 475 - 480 seems to be support and 525 - 530 resistance. Once the counter will cross 530 levels then can go up to 550 - 560 level.
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