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Vatsal Shah

Head - Wealth Management , Sushil Finance

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guest: Sir i want investment in mutual fund but i am new there so plz suggests me right

Vatsal Shah: Hello, you need to meet a good advisor who has many years experience in Mutual Funds. To guide you. You can start of with investing in some large cap or mid cap funds as an SIP.

guest: Sir i have investments in a diversified portfolio about which i already asked you previously and you said ny selection of schemes are good. Now i want to invest in KOTAK INFRA AND ECO REFORM and UTI TRANSPORT AND LOGISTICS fund for 2000 and 1000 SIP. Are these two sectoral funds good? How long should i continue them or when to review

Vatsal Shah: Dear Sir, Sectoral funds are good but only for tactical plays and lumpsum investments. We as an advisory do not recommend sectoral funds. However, both these funds are best in their domain.

nantumf: Dear Sir, If I have a view of minimum 10 yrs of investing in mutual fund through SIP, is it OK to invest only in a few different good multi cap funds, rather than selecting different large cap, mid cap, small cap funds myself? How many funds is enough is a portfolio? Thanks and Regards.

Vatsal Shah: Hi the amount always depends on your savings and on your plan or requirement of the future. You will have to work backwards to identify the right amount for SIP. as a thumbrule you can invest 15-20% of your Monthly income in SIP for long term savings . an equal balance of Large MID and small cap is good

guest: I have about 10 lakhs in PPF and 2.50 lakhs in stocks and shares and 50000 SIP s per month in MFs I have another 3 to 5 years of earning life.I can save 100000 PM.What is the best financial advice you can offer

Vatsal Shah: Sir i believe you are quite conservative. You can increase your SIP for next 5 years as we may see the biggest every bull market in the next 5 years. you must also consider investing in direct equities some amount.

guest: i am 28 years old, monthly savings of around Rs 25,000. I have FDs of Rs 6 lacs. I have started investing in Franklin Tax Shield (g) - Rs 5,000, Birsa sunlife bal 95 - Rs 12,000 (since 5 months) and a SIP of Rs 1,000 p.m. in BSL Frontline Equity Fund (currently 5,000). I want to know how much more should i invest in these schemes. I want to create wealth, say around 5 lacs in coming years.

Vatsal Shah: Hi the approach of creating wealth of 5 lacs is not correct as you already have 6 lacs in FD. Always look at total portfolio. For you 6 lacs FD is quite conservative you will barely be earning anything after taxes etc. Look at increasing your Portfolio via MF sips and you will create good wealth. Keep only 3 months expenses in FD for emergency

guest: Dear sir I am an NRI, 52 Years, has a son studies in Engg in India , plans for his higher studies in April 2019 , seeking your advice for investment plan for insurance matured amount of 10 lacs as well as monthly investment income of Rs 5000/ a suitable SIP as well as one time investment plan in horizon of 2 years, moderate risk, target 10 to 12 % return. please advice

Vatsal Shah: Sir, education plan over 2 years are not well followed you can invest in balanced Funds with Equity portion

rajatpassi1: Dear Vatsal Bhai, Please give your views on TATA Retirement Savings Fund.Moderate or Progressive. Iwant to start SIP of Rs15,000/- per month. Lock in till age of 60 yrs. I am 49 yrs now.Pls Advice.

Vatsal Shah: Dear Rajatpassi this is a very good fund and now with the move of new fund manager from Mirae we are very positive on TATA funds. You can go ahead with this

guest: please suggest some good ELSS for tax deduction

Vatsal Shah: Our research suggests DSPBR Tax Saver, Franklin India Taxshield

guest: Hi Experts, I am after a fixed monthly income of 10,000 and I have around 10 lakhs to invest. My priorities are capital preservation and tax friendly. What would you suggest? Thanks, HungryInvestor

Vatsal Shah: Dear HungryInvestor - so ironic you are a hungry investor but you are looking for capital protection :-). if you are in lowest tax bracket then FD is good or you can consider investing in DEBT Funds.

prataparudra: Dear Sir. I am 38 years old and I invested Rs.20Lakhs for retirement in Motilal Most Focussed Long Term (G) for a period of 15years in 2015. Please give your advise about this fund and how much amount i will get by the end of 15 year (approximately)

Vatsal Shah: Sir this is quite an aggressive call, however its fine to invest and observe it ...15 years is a long period you will get good phases to book profits
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