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Amit Trivedi

Author & Founder , Karmayog Knowledge

Equity investments simplified


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guest: i want to investment 5000 per month in sip after 15 year how much i will get

Amit Trivedi: It is impossible to answer this question since investment returns in the future cannot be predicted. You should consider your own unique situation and your requirements to select the schemes you should invest in. Any number that someone gives you is going to be incorrect

guest: Currently I am investing 3Lakh/Month in many different scheme (Around 30 schemes) through SIP which in my view not properly diversified & very hard to track since many are with direct option. Right now my break up is 50% in Mid & small cap, 25% in diversified, 10% in Balance & sector & 5% in Large cap funds. I want to increase my monthly SIP up to 5 lakh. Can you please suggest how I have to diversified & in which schemes? I can stay invested for next 8 years. I am investing in SIP since 2012 but major amount of SIP increased in 2016 only.

Amit Trivedi: First of all, 30 schemes is a bit too many. If you still feel that you are not diversified enough, you got to simply check the schemes that you have invested in. My humble suggestion is that please cut down your number of schemes drastically and then keep increasing the investment (SIP) amount, as and when you have to

guest: Future of Elss after gst

Amit Trivedi: I am not sure how GST would impact ELSS. You get income tax benefit in case of ELSS, whereas GST is an indirect tax

guest: I have planned to invest in mutual fund to grow my money, on researching in which funds to invest in I have come up with list of funds after thorough research on money control, value research and other financial platforms? May I request financial experts here to have a look at the list (highlighted in green) and suggest whether I have made right decision or not? Fund Type Fund Name 1 Year 3 Year 5 Year Mid Cap SBI Magnum MidCap Fund-Reg(G) 12.2 17.3 26.56 Mid Cap HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund(G) 25.2 19.53 25.86 Mid Cap Birla SL Midcap Fund(G) 20.07 17.57 22.89 Mid Cap BNP Paribas Mid Cap Fund(G) 12.24 14.12 22.44 Mid Cap DSPBR Small & Mid Cap Fund-Reg(G) 27.01 20.81 25.65 Mid Cap Franklin India Prima Fund(G) 20.86 18.49 25.62 Mid Cap ICICI Pru Midcap Fund(G) 26.39 16.23 24.66 Mid Cap L&T Midcap Fund (G) 41.3 35.1 25.4 Mid Cap Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund - Direct Plan (G) 42.2 36.7 29.3 Mid Cap Kotak Emerging Equity Scheme 29.71 23.37 28.04 Large Cap Birla SL Top 100 Fund(G) 17.73 11.85 17.03 Large Cap SBI BlueChip Fund-Reg(G) 11.06 12.19 17.58 Large Cap Kotak Select Focus Fund(G) 21.85 16.02 20.48 Large Cap HDFC Growth Fund(G) 20.34 11.75 14.23 Large Cap HDFC Top 200 Fund(G) 22.05 11.07 14.8 Large Cap DSPBR Focus 25 Fund-Reg(G) 12.05 11.31 16.11 Large Cap ICICI Pru Focused Bluechip Equity Fund(G) 17.88 11.29 15.33 Large Cap ICICI Pru Top 100 Fund(G) 25.03 13.66 16.5 Large Cap Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund-Reg(G) 26.07 16.17 20.39 Large Cap Reliance Top 200 Fund(G) 18.87 10.93 16.29 Diverse Franklin India Prima Plus Fund(G) 15.21 13.09 18.54 Diverse Birla Sun Life Equity Fund (G) 37.9 26.5 21.2 Diverse DSPBR Opportunities Fund-Reg(G) 22.76 16.92 19.98 Diverse Principal Growth Fund(G) 21.88 13.67 18.7 Diverse ICICI Pru Value Discovery Fund(G) 12 11.66 20.87 Diverse SBI Magnum Multicap Fund-Reg(G) 15.31 15.34 20.08 Diverse ICICI Prudential Multicap Fund (G) 31.4 22.8 18.4 Diverse Franklin India Flexi Cap Fund 13.19 10.71 17.19 Diverse Principal Emerging Bluechip Fund (G) 41.2 32.9 26.8 Thematic Funds Franklin Build India Fund (G) 34.3 32.9 25.4

Amit Trivedi: It is important to understand the basis of your scheme selection. Only looking at historical returns to select schemes is a bad idea

guest: Which is best fund for lumpsum investment for one year period for best return ?

Amit Trivedi: For a one year horizon, should you look at best return or safe return? We suggest liquid fund / ultra short term fund categories are appropriate for such a time horizon. However, the returns could be in line with bank fixed deposits.

guest: my age is 50 yrs, and i invest in icici long term fund, HDFC high interest dynamic fund, and reliance dynamic bond fund, (All are bond funds) but i find all bond fund are giving negative returns since last 2-3 month, should i remain with these funds or quit, (2) why these fund are giving negative returns now days,

Amit Trivedi: Most of the debt funds have delivered negative returns in the last few months as interest rates in the debt markets have gone up. You need not worry about short term negative returns. All the funds that you have mentioned are to be held for a longer period than a few months. Continue to hold. No need to get out due to short term drop in values

guest: I have three SIP 8K each in Icici discovery fund, HDFC balanced fund and Birla sunlife front line equity fund. I want to start another investment of 15 k per month. For long term investment please suggest should I invest in Midcap or large cap or any other fund with fund name. Thanks.

Amit Trivedi: Not possible to answer without knowing your personal situation - midcap funds are ok for high risk investors with a long time horizon. However, please do not choose these products only on the basis of the returns generated in last few years

guest: i need 18- 20 % yearly return by investing 10 lakh in moderate / high risk equity funds, which funds suitable for. Pls guide me.

Amit Trivedi: The expected returns are too high and impractical. You must bring your expectations down. Also please ensure that you would be getting into high risk products with such expected returns. Also please consider a longer time horizon

molabux: Good evening Trivedi ji, I want to invest ₹5 lakh for a period of 4/5 years and shortlisted the following funds : HDFC Mid cap opportunity fund , ICICI Select Large Cap Fund BSL Equity Fund ICICI Balanced Fund Kotak Select Focus Fund L&T Infrastructure fund. I seek your suggestion , please.

Amit Trivedi: You are taking higher risk by considering 100% investment in equity funds for a 4/5 year horizon. What would you do with the money after 4/5 years? Are you going to spend all the money? In that case, please consider having a back up, just in case the market does not deliver the expected returns.

guest: Hello Experts, I?m 30 yrs old earning 80k per month and investing 21k per month in MFs. i can further invest 4k more per month. please suggest me whether below portfolio is fine or need to change with any different fund in case i would have taken high risk by choosing below funds. My Goal is to build 50lakhs by next 10 yrs and 1 crore by next 15 years. Below are my portfolio diversification details ? SIP Details as below(Monthly Basis) ELSS Axis Long term equity fund Direct Growth : 2000/- Large Cap SBI Blue Chip Fund Direct Growth : 3000/- Mid Cap Franklin India Prima fund Direct Growth : 3000/- Small Cap Franklin India Smaller companies fund Direct Growth : 2000/- Diversified ICICI Prudential value discovery fund Direct Growth : 3000/- Balanced fund HDFC Balanced Fund Direct Growth(Equity based Balanced Fund) : 3000/- Debt Fund Birla Sun Life Short term fund Direct Growth : 5000

Amit Trivedi: First of all, the expected returns are on a higher side. Please bring your expectations down

guest: How to invest the retirement corpus to get adequate fund for monthly expenses? What type of mf?

Amit Trivedi: There are a few questions that you must consider - the corpus available, the monthly expenses, any other source of income, your tax slab, your current age, etc. It is only after answering these questions that one may be able to guide you
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