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The Preet Bharara Interview
21 Jul 2012, 12:16 PM  Watch Video
Every week, we work hard to create original and interesting content for you. This week we are borrowing it. Only because hes a man everybody wants to hear from and he rarely does interviews. So when my CNBC US colleague Jim Cramer bagged an interview with him, I knew I had to share it with you. Here is the giant slayer, the Sheriff of Wall Street, the Public Prosecutor with a funny bone Preet Bharara

Cramer: 65 and 66 is your record. I do not know of anyone who has had that kind of record - what percentage of the people in this room, besides you and I, are wearing a wire?

Bharara: That is your first question?

Cramer: Yes.

Bharara: Okay. Could I just to take a second to say it is great to be here - to say that it is really interesting, because I have never been interviewed by somebody you are probably the only person in the country who is more caffeinated than I am. Let me also say that I know that you told me there were going to be a lot of people here from the hedge fund industry and other folks. I did not quite appreciate how many people, so I just want to apologize in advance that I do not have enough subpoenas for all of you. Obviously, I am kidding. I do have enough. What was your question again?

Cramer: How prevalent is it, insider trading, that we can even make a joke that there are - I mean think about it, you are making a joke about subpoenas and the answer is you have to have a lot of them because it certainly is much more systemic than we ever thought.

Bharara: Look, when we began looking at securities fraud cases in particular, insider trading cases, which were being looked at, a lot of the cases that we brought, the investigations began with the FBI and the SEC and prosecutors at my office before I got there three years ago, and we continued many of them and began many new ones.

I think about a year and a half ago, I made it a point to say that, given everything we had seen and given how casual people were- based on the evidence
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