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Most of the people in the board is not doing any impact assessment and damage control, just looking at the balance sheet and random shareholding percentage and commenting on several things, please refer below the assessment from my end,

June shareholding pattern:
Total number of shareholders are 11749 and number of share is 13395855, when I compared this with march where GAYATRI PIPES AND FITTINGS PRIVATE LIMITED sold 3.24l and Bodies Corporate has added close to (less than) 4l shares that indicates that few other companies are buying these shares it could be from goyan GAYATRI or from open market by beating the innocent investors. Again if you if look at the July 10th which is after allocating the 10l shares, the difference is with these three where all the 10l shares are given and they will enjoy the huge benefit.
NEMISH ISHWARLAL DAVDA 1 250000 2,50,000
A V R INVESTMENTS ADVISOR 1 500000 5,00,000
Here, goyan GAYA is not doing any damage but Bodies Corporate increased the shares from 4l to 8l which again indicates that huge buying is going on using different strategy.

Over all the public interest is not coming down rather BULK buyers are in huge interest to get the stock at low price from innocent investors. Yes, it is hard to hold the stock when it is going down however please note that 75l shares are with promoters and there are not losing the hope, where 10l more share is locked so 85l shares are not moving hands, and single large holder is losing his GOURI GUPTA 1 137000 1,37,000 and exited. To be honest, hardly I can see maximum 8l shares are being floated in a months and 4l shares are getting added by Bodies Corporate which indicates clear cut strategy to grab the stocks from the innocent investors with causing much of damage to the stock price so that public will not lose the hope and will come back, those who are having week heart will surely sell the stock since it is not moving and much lovely stocks are available at 15 to 30 percent cheaper so they will try to sell here at low price and move to next stock by that time these corporate bodies will make 8l to 16l and then the stock will fly, as you all know that it is possible to control the price till December as when FYQ2 is expected to be good as they have Rs.150cr order book hence till Nov mid these kind of games will go on after than mild play will be there till Feb mid because those who wanted to hold for many years will not buy in bulk after Feb as there cannot see huge returns so as an investors you have to take a call you want to hold this stock till Feb mid and keep quite or break your head for nothing. Those who wanted to use this game can buy the stock those who wanted to gain quick 30 percent can sell the stock as you don t have selling pressure where you can put or order for less price and exit. It is really hard to make money from market therefore you have to do all drama to get the stock at low price so when someone has money they will try all possible ways to get it low, in fact, I have invested heavily on these and still adding these stocks are right price past 6 months I have more fear since I locked more money but every time when I analyse I get a feel to buy more. I will stop buying from Aug 15th and then it will be going to locker … ( 7 days ago )
  Justin A  4 followers
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Dear Ananth, I agree same time why the promoter is being used as it goyan GAYA is not a promoter rather there are in (any other) classification not even like fund house like LIC. I think that for some reason we are calling these goyan GAYA as promoter. Please correct me as i feel based on the data they are not and in fact it was called out in the past by CEO (not 100% sure). CEO / MD / XYZ and his family did not sell but percentage wise it will reflect different as 15% more shares are allocated from over all stock count aspect. Stock count increased to 1.35cr to 1.45cr.

The nonsense is happening and I guess the following we really need to crack and break this one.

1. Dirty Play 1: Some corporate is trying to buy and buy and buy more as I can see the stock count increasing from 4l to 8l which is visible. Initial, 3.35l shares were bought by these corporate and they must have bought it from goyan GAYA (i call this company as goyan GAYA as there are playing with investor so they are cheap they can be open and get the same right) and corporate would have accumulated 1l from open market, after that I can see the corporate body has increased from 4l to 8l where goyan GAYA has not sold any so these corporate was able to grab 4l more shared from investors. After new stock allocation and before result 3l more shares were exchanges in bulk which indicates that goyan GAYA managed to reduce the allocation from 22.5l to 18.5 l. When the next set of share holding comes if the stock count of goyan GAYA is 18.5 then I would stop calling goyan GAYA as they are reasonably following the principles as they are doing legal share transfer as they are in need of money so it must be acceptable. For some reason, if they are holding more than 18.5l and less than 22.5l then I will say they are trading there own shares, for some reason if it is less than 17.5l then they are playing game with help of high end broker and software hence any stock that they hold in future should be watched out and we need to broadcast to people that goyan GAYA danger is there.

2. Dirty Play 2: It may be very clear that corporate is asking some broker house to control the price and getting the stock at low which is very much possible as in GHCL case where the promoter allocated 80cr to buy 32l shares and I was wondering how is it possible when the share price was at 285 and they took 6months time and ultimately they are able to achieve with help of Emkey Global, you need to have clear cut plan for this as they were buying at 285, 265, 255, 245, 240, 235 but they dont buy less then 235 still they are able to achieve the average of 250 as they short at right time and buy at right price beyond that they do NOT damage and it worked well and the promotor is a Dalmia Brothere so he does not need to get into any dirty and all were executed very clean. I like the strategy and learn the art to buy the stock but it is not possible for me to execute this in greater than 200cr market. I can even try in Fiber but will fail. Here, the price is controlled just by 3cr at bottom line and higher level it is being sold to average and lower level is where they are buying as you know it is not an easy task to execute also it is taking hell lot of time. In this case, again we can not complain much but we have to go with this

3. Dirty Play 3: Promotor, goya Gaya and Broker house along with corporate - i doubt that promotor is involved as they are trying to be open as much as they can and they are updating everything so dont want to say anything bad as I dont have evidence

Over all, I dont see any dirty as long as goyan GAYA is not helping the broker to execute the game since they are holding 23.5l quanity of stock so they need to be good to all and we need to watch out this very carefully. When the selling comes most of the time most the promoter so called great one also not being open which I have seen in many places as you know one day is enough to damage 20% so handling the selling is an art where promoter has to be open but it is not possible as they want to get more money...

Finally, dear investors just stop buying and watching. We will see this stock after Diwali till then we can just have fun at this forum. ( 7 days ago )
  Justin A  4 followers
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Justin this is clear indication of Promoter/HNI activity which I was mentioning. Same strategy is being used before the window close and after as well, which is astounding and shocking.₹300 is being agreed number is being artificially protected.we are unsure how long this damage to investor community will continue as everything is legal . Individual investors are being played. This activity also ensures higher value of share price as well in future.Best time to accumulate and buy in bulk as well for long term at this price if any money left.Hence stock has lost fundamental movement per normal trade. No more need to analyse technically or fundamentally as there is no normal trade apart from sitting tight. ( 7 days ago )
  ananth_2016  80 followers
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